Green Real Estate's aims are threefold: Green Real Estate

  • Help green-interested home buyers, builders and homeowners to buy, sell, rent or build green real estate
  • Connect homeowners with information and resources to make green home improvements
  • Educate people about green building
  • It's also a place to learn about how to make your community a safer, healthier and more sustainable place.

    Green Awareness

    Let's be frank: THE environmental catastrophe is at hand. I want to thank you, personally, for being interested in this critical issue: Our Environment. It's our future. This is my mission: to help the world be a better, greener place. It may be too late. But then again, it may not.

    If you're interested in green real estate, green building and learning about environmentally sound practices and resources, you've found your destination.

    The Green Team

    Eco Real Estate Team

    Eco Real Estate takes a village, as they say. The team is evolving as the project evolves. I'm always looking for valuable input, resouces and potentially business partners. If being green is your game and you've got something valuable to share, please contact me.